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Helsinki is the city where I moved in 2006. I went here first time in 2004 coming from Sweden and It was 100%. After one week I decided that I had to move here. And here I am. I hope to find some times to write here more information about the city, capital of Finland. For now you can see lot of pictures that I have been taking around in those years in Finland

Helsinki Pictures Galleries

Freezing Winter :: A beautiful sunny winter day in Helsinki
05/01/2008 :: Helsinki, Finland

Suomenlinna Sunset :: A wonderful day in Suomenlinna, just before the winter comes
25/09/2007 :: Helsinki, Finland

Shaving :: Finally I shaved my winter beard, just because here in Helsinki is getting a bit warmer (now it's just -5)
12/11/2007 :: Helsinki, Finland

Halloween In Finland :: Halloween 2007 in Finland. CS HC JD party
27/10/2007 :: Helsinki, Finland

Airport Helsinki :: Airport Vantaa Helsinki - coming back to italy after a summer in Finland
05/09/2005 :: Helsinki, Finland

Töölönlahti :: töölönlahti during the summer
28/07/2005 :: Helsinki, Finland

Penkkarit :: Penkkarit - Carneval in Finland
15/02/2007 :: Helsinki, Finland

Avanto :: Avanto - Ice Swimming from Sauna to the frozen Baltic sea
17/02/2007 :: Helsinki, Finland

Kaivopuisto :: Kaivopuisto, one of my favourite place in Helsinki. Take a look how wonderful is the winter here when the Baltic sea is frozen
10/02/2007 :: Helsinki, Finland

Claudio :: Claudio Santori :: some pictures about me. Sometimes we have to love ourself
15/12/2006 :: Helsinki, Finland

Free Hugs :: Free Hugs Campaign, Helsinki :: Ilmaisia Halauksia
02/12/2006 :: Helsinki, Finland

Helsinki nightlife :: Helsinki Nightlife with :: DKK
30/11/2006 :: Helsinki, Finland

Piercing :: A beautiful day shooting piercing pictures for ;)
19/11/2006 :: Helsinki, Finland

DKK :: Jolly Dragon Halloween Party @ DKK, Den Kungliga Klubben
26/10/2006 :: Helsinki, Finland

Halloween :: pre Halloween party in Helsinki
29/10/2006 :: Helsinki, Finland

Charity Concert :: The event took place in Stockholm Diskotek, one of the coolest nightclubs in Helsinki: live bands, stand-up comedians, video clips of HC stories and other surprises.
26/05/2006 :: Helsinki

Nuuksio :: Hiking in Nuuksio with some HospitalityClub friends
25/05/2006 :: Helsinki

Musiikkia :: musiikkia - KissFM Kaisaniemi Concert
27/08/2005 :: Helsinki

Helsinki :: Helsinki Sightseeing
27/08/2005 :: Helsinki

Jazz Espa :: Jazz Espa :: Reactor 5
29/07/2005 :: Helsinki

Linnanmäki :: A sunny day in Linnanmäki - the Helsinki entertaining park
27/07/2005 :: Helsinki

Ferragosto :: Ferragosto :: walking around Helsinki with friends
15/08/2005 :: Helsinki

Hiking in Finland :: Nuuksio National Park, Hiking with some finnish friends near Helsinki
21/08/2005 :: Helsinki

Vappu :: Celebrating Vappu in Finland - Helsinki (Labours day celebration)
30/04/2006 :: Helsinki

Suomi :: 4 giorni a Helsinki per purificare corpo e anima ;). 4 days in finland for purify body and mind
22/04/2005 :: Helsinki

Finlandia :: Il De Bello Finnico - my first time in Finland.
01/09/2004 :: Helsinki, Finlandia

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