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Moving in Finland

by Claudio Santori

Moving in Finland


22 August 2004 - Sunday :: I was in Serra San Quirico - my parents town in Italy - playing a board games (Risiko) with some friends. It was late in the night and while we were playing I received an email from Daniele and Ivan from Stockholm "Ciao Claudio, you have to come. We found a ryanair cheap ticket for you and you can be here in 4 days!" holidays plan at all...nothing to do....while we were playing I just said to my other friends: "ok...I'm going in Sweden in 4 days!"

23 August 2004 :: my ID was not good for going abroad

24 August 2004 :: new ID, ready to go

25 August 2004 - In Rome, packing all my stuff

26 August 2004 - in Sweden. I was in Stockholm, all was wonderful, an unexpected vacation but aftrer few days my friends told me "by the way, we are going in Finland in two days!" and I said "WHAT? WHAT IS FINLAND? WHERE IS FINLAND? WHY WE ARE GOING TO FINLAND? Helkn helsin helkinsi helsinki....why? can't we stay all the time here in sweden?" i didn't know anything about Finland at the time, I was confused about the geografical position, was Finland in Europe? is Nokia from Finland?

Anyway...we took the boat and we arrived in Finland. It was just love!!!! The feeling was like to be home, I don't know how to explain it. We met lot of nice people in Helsinki and we changed our boat reservation, we were supposed to come in Sweden and spend there more days but we went there just in time to take the plane and be back in Rome. The only thing we were saying on the plane was "we have to move in Finlnd!"

So I just started to read everything about this wonderful country: history, culture, grammar'books, finnish website, try to learn the language. The only idea I've had in mind for two years was...I'm gonna move there.

And After less than 2 I am, living in Finland, this wonderful country that now I know a little bit better ;)


Why I moved in Finland

After summer 2004 I was in finland easter 2005 than almost two months during summer 2005, again on NYE december2005 january 2006 and 10 days in April 2006 to find an house to stay. I came back here april 26th and we can count from this will be my finland birthday ;)

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