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novembre 2000, SSQ - foto by Claudio


Pictures from 2000

Prodotto tipico serrano: il calcione. Una tipica ricetta marchigiana, un dolce un po' salato

il calcione

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ricetta calcioni

Dave, I can give u a wonderful recipe "calcioni", it's a kind of panzerotti filled with cheese and lemmon (sweet and salty), the flavour is anusual and unforgettable, the dough is not a piza dough.

700 gr 00 flour
7 eggs
100 gr sugar
juice of one lemmon

to stuff:
1 kg of grated pecorino cheese 2/3 fresh cheese 1/3 aged
400gr sugar
8 egg
juice of 4 lemmon

work the dough and let it sleep for 1 day, roll it 2 mm thin, cut it with a round cutter (we use a water glass)

mix well all the ingredient to staff and made with it balls (as a whalnut)

put the chees bal in the center of adough disc and close it with anoder disk (such as a big raviolo), brash it with a bitted eg and cut a cros on top.

Oven it at 220/ 25/° until the are golden brown and the cheese is coming out (they look like littles vulcanos).



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